The Sisters of Kyllikki

We are patrolling the streets of your city. We are an independent community and are not linked to other organizations.
New sisters are welcome to join whenever!

We won’t collect any fees and you’re not expected to bake hundreds of cupcakes – as often is the case in clubs run by women. But it’s alright to bring your own coffee and muffins. You never know when you might feel like sharing a bite with those you may meet, especially if they seem to be in a particularly grumpy mood. Our slogan is: We all get hungry angry, if we’ve skipped lunch or have been forced to eat ready-meals.

Members of 18 years of age or older and their babies (if the feeding rhythm so requires) are eligible to join the sisters.
We expect you to be most loyal to our cause and to each other, although this of course goes without saying among sisters.
While patrolling: Immediately take verbal action if a human being or an animal is in trouble. Use powerful expressions only to the extent required by the circumstances. And if someone doesn’t feel like chatting for fun, give them their space.

When on duty in uniform (or without), we shall be civil and friendly towards all living creatures. We will hold the door for women, for men pushing strollers, for teenagers carrying groceries, for children, senior citizens, tourists, everyone. We are ready to offer bio-degradable bin bags for collecting droppings to people walking their dogs, and, with the owner’s permission, we may pat their loyal friend.
The purpose of our team: We patrol the streets to create a secure atmosphere among people of all genders. You can also do your grocery shopping when on duty, or after.

These days, so many people suffer from loneliness and the lack of good conversation. This may lead to feelings of being left out from society. A person like this suffers from low self-esteem and can get trapped in negative thought circles. Predators in the social media will find him an easy target, because we all want to belong and feel important. We need real people. Face to face conversation. Eye contact that tells us: I see you and you see me. You exist and you are valued. This is why the Sisters of Kyllikki patrol your streets on Fridays. Smiling as they walk by, even to strangers. Like we’ve done before. Saying meaningful things like ”thank you” or ”look, here’s the bus now” or ”is everything alright?” ”let me help you with that walking-aid”.

We are proud of our father land, we value our mother tongue with its many dialects, we stand for the pure and good-spirited city air and for pure white winters.

Our name, Sisters of Kyllikki, comes from the character Kyllikki in our national epic, The Kalevala. Kyllikki liked to go out dancing and to meet people. We could have also picked a name from Norse mythology, such as Freya; after the lovely and strong goddess, who also lent her name to Friday, the day of our patrol. But why do so, when we have such an abundance of characters in our own national heritage to choose from.

Kyllikin siskot